Monday, January 28, 2008

Peter Van Geit

This blog is obsolete - please visit my FB Profile or or to follow my latest adventures.


Swahilya Shambhavi said...

Hi Peter! Thanks for visiting. Do keep in touch.

Dan said...

Hi peter please contact me at thetrekman(at)

PD said...

Hey Pet, post some more articles here..

ajit peter said...

" The Wind Rider"

Sixteen years gone riding the wheels two .
Ever a pleasure for a rider true
May be influenced by a western or two
Ever a pleasure on a steel horse true

Nor do i ride to race and win
Nor given to speed to raise the adrenaline
Yet miles to pass and wheels to spin
In to tis heart the lone ranger rides in

the engines hum a heart to beat
Highways roads to village street
Rain and sun never to feel
riding to the horizon in the horse of steel

To let go and fly to the sky
Riding the winds till they die
To feel the wind on the face
A passion to set the roads ablaze

Riding the wind all day long
Whistling the tune of favorite song
Every road has a bend right or wrong
the wind rider rides in the hearts for long

Ramya Sriram said...

Some of the photos are great :D

Indira T said...

Hi Peter, it's really amazing to actually be able to explore soo much through ctc....thanks for making this possible for everyone...especially the reluctant ones

Aishwarya Kaneri said...

You are my inspiration Peter :)

I wish to meet you in person soon.